To sign up for online appointment and prescription access you have to be a registered patient. You will be given a form at your new patient medical appointment. If you are already a registered patient, either download the form here or ask for a copy at reception.

At present you must bring the completed form into the medical centre for a receptionist to process your form and provide you with a registration letter for Patient Access.

You will then need to register online to complete the rest of the registration process.  Like most online applications, there are some security details required, which the practice will not have access to.  This is to protect both you and the practice.

Please note that once your password has been set up, we do not have access to this and, should you forget your password, you will need to contact the practice to obtain new registration details. If you have any problems with the online booking system, please e-mail and we will advise you on how to deal with your issue.

Each family member will require their own log-in, although one form can be completed for a family if each child is below the age of 15.  The person signing the form is responsible for the registration of each patient and for providing each patient with the registration letter, where appropriate.  However, should family members subsequently wish to sign-up individually, we will cancel their current log-in and they can sign-up as new, to meet with current confidentiality regulations.

When children are signed up as part of a family, on reaching the age of 15 they will be asked to sign-up again, to ensure that we meet current confidentiality regulations.

Mobile Access

The online system is also available for your android or iOS, please visit Patient Access for more information.