Appointment Options

There are a number of different appointments on offer with the doctors.


Urgent appointments are available daily and are intended for new or worsening problems causing someone symptoms that were unpredicted and need treatment soon.

There is always a doctor on duty during practice opening hours to deal with emergencies.

Please give the receptionist enough information to help you; especially if you think it might be an emergency. You cannot usually choose the time of an urgent appointment or the doctor you see.


Routine appointments can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance with any doctor. This is to improve access to GPs for non-urgent problems. Routine GP appointments can be booked online.

Follow Up

If you are returning for followup on a problem or a re-occuring problem please try to see the same GP to allow continuity of care.


If you have multiple problems please tell the GP at the start of the consultation and expect to make a series of appointments to allow enough time on each problem.


You can request a telephone consultation with a doctor if you feel it is something that can be easily discussed over the phone (i.e. you don’t need to ‘show’ the doctor what is wrong). Your doctor may have suggested it for follow up.

The receptionist will usually ask for some more information in regards to the telephone appointment. This is because last year we analysed the GP telephone consultations and found often another team member eg Practice Nurse, Pharmacist would have been more appropriate to speak to and we hope by asking a few questions this may help your query be answered quicker.

Early and Late appointments

We offer a range of morning and afternoon consulting sessions from 8.20am-5.30pm each day. We also offer 2 evening surgeries per week from 5.30pm-6.30pm for those patients who cannot manage to attend during the day.

Please help us to run on time by remembering

Each of the appointments above are of 10 minute duration. We will always deal with any medical problems you have to the best of our ability, however, if you have more than one issue to discuss it may not be possible to deal with this in one single appointment.

Appointments are for one patient only.

Asking for repeat medication takes time away from your problem so order in other ways.

If English is not your first language we might need the help of a translator and a longer appointment so please discuss with reception.

Please attend for your appointment on time. Patients who attend more than 9 minutes after the appointment time will not be seen and this will be documented on their records as a Did Not Attend.

How to make an appointment

You can make appointments by contacting the Practice on 01738 628234, using the online booking system or by calling in person to the Reception Desk. The telephone lines are open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. If we have your mobile number you will be sent a text reminder the day before your appointment. Update your details by filling in a change of details form from reception, or download a form using the button below.

You may consult any doctor in the practice. These days patients are registered with the practice not individual GPs although forms and hospital letters may still have a named GP section.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else. If you have signed up for text message reminders you can cancel your appointment by replying CANCEL to this text.

Patients who fail to let us know about cancellations waste time and persistent failure to attend appointments may result in removal from the practice list. Please ask reception if you wish to see our practice policy.