There are lots of health care staff working in our practice and in the community and we know it can sometimes be confusing who to see, when, for what problem. Hopefully this section will help and if you are not sure please ask before booking.

  • Before you book have you considered...

    Are you sure it’s a GP you need?

    Often patients think they have a problem only a GP can help with but the practice ran a study last year and found that very often another health care professional would have been more appropriate or commonly self-care would have been enough. This is why we have created a self-care page on this website and would like to encourage patients to use this and our recommended health websites as one of your first ports of call. If you do still need to see us please share what you have read or done so far.

    Community Pharmacists

    In the community we now have highly trained pharmacists in every chemist who can advise on lots of minor ailments and have in-depth knowledge of prescribed and over the counter medication. You may be eligible for the minor ailment scheme giving free prescriptions for commonly used medications. If you have repeat medication you can arrange to have your pharmacist order your prescription for you even help monitor your conditions with the chronic medication service.

    Opticians and Dentists can refer direct to Hospitals

    Don’t forget opticians and dentists are specialist in their own right and are free to consult with under the NHS. If they feel you have a more serious problem relating to eyes or dentition they can refer you directly for hospital care without having to see a GP. They can also provide prescriptions or request them without you needing to make an appointment.

  • Help with booking...

    Ask our excellent reception team

    Our reception staff would like to help you see the right person for your problem in the quickest time so please don’t be afraid to ask for their help.

    They may also need to ask a few questions about your problem to make sure they have all the information they need to get you seen by the most appropriate person – the receptionists have been asked to do so by the GPs as they may be able to advise on another option: please respect the staff whilst they try to help you.

    All our staff are bound by the same confidentiality clause and with our new layout at the front desk we hope you will be able to talk privately.

  • Ask our experienced pharmacists

    Along with the community pharmacists in chemists we have two incredibly experienced and helpful practice pharmacists who are in the building most days.

    They help review any requests made at reception or online for items not on your repeat prescription, liaise with the GPs and might give you a call. They are available for telephone consultations with patients for queries or problems related to medication, just ask reception. They can also liaise with your local chemist when needed. They will usually be the ones to contact you about up-coming medication changes brought in by new guidelines, safety checks or hospital advice.

  • When a nurse is more appropriate...

    Especially for speciality clinics

    Along with all the chronic disease clinics on our clinics and services page, our practice nurses and health care assistants can see to a huge range of problems without ever needing a GP appointment.

    They have routine appointments for travel advice, dressings, chronic wound care, ear syringing and warts. They also have same day appointments most days and can assess minor wounds, skin or nail infections, problems with operation sites, stings and minor burns.

  • GP appointment but what type do I need...

    The GPs have routine and urgent face to face appointments every day along with telephone appointments and house calls.

    You will usually be asked details of your problem by reception if you ask for an urgent appointment or housecall and always if you say it is an emergency. A doctor may call you back to get further details.

    See our Doctors Appointments section for further details

Don’t forget…

You can make an appointment directly with the midwife or health visitor via reception. You can also self-refer to other NHS clinics in Perth such as sexual health, continence, podiatry, physiotherapy, drug or alcohol counselling. Telephone numbers can be found in the Useful resources section.