We are proud to support the training of Medical and Nursing students at various stages of their studies. These students may sit with the Doctor or Nurse during consultations or accompany one of the District Nurses or Health Visitors to your home.

Senior Medical students from Dundee University are with the practice for a month at a time and during their time at the practice they will carry out consultations on their own, before consulting jointly with a GP. Allowing students to try to help you with your problems before discussing them with the GP is a valuable learning experience for the student. Please be assured that these students are supervised at all times and adhere to the same confidentiality policies as all of our staff.

The District Nurses and Health visitors may have Nursing and Midwifery students attached on placement. We are grateful for your help with their training also.

Experience of real patient problems and examinations is essential to the training of future Doctors and Nurses. However please feel free to say if you do not wish to have a student present during your consultation.